Academic work

Work package 2 – Methodology
leader Edinburgh Napier University

The Smart Cities Regional Academic Network is led by Edinburgh Napier University. This network includes a number of academic partners (Edinburgh Napier University, MEMORI, and UAS Oldenburg), one commercial partner (Porism Ltd.) and several associate partners (Agder University, Groningen University, and Karlstad University) from across the North Sea Region.

The academic network’s principal role is to offer hands-on support to the government partners, to qualify good practices and to accurately translate pilots into transferable good practice, white papers and methodologies. The network is working to identify good practice inside the project by developing project wide monitoring and evaluation tools, by collaborative joint working with municipal partners to supporting the development of local pilots, and by identifying relevant good practice outside the project – e.g. by reviewing cases on and identifying lessons from other relevant projects. Our academic and research outputs are being disseminated via the network (DG Info), academic publications and briefings to central governments.

Academic partners are working closely with local municipal partners to help develop better e-services. Karlstad University is providing skills and support to Karlstad Municipality and the other municipal partners in the project who are interested in business process change. Edinburgh Napier University is linking the City of Edinburgh Council with a range of academics and University teams with skills to help deliver local pilots. UAS Oldenburg is providing technical/academic support to Osterholz-Scharmbeck to identify and measure the e-gov/e-service needs of local citizens and businesses and supporting the development of local IT systems. MEMORI continues to work closely with Kortrijk and Leiedal, developing survey and analytical tools for their local partners. Porism is working closely with the project’s municipal partners to develop a prototype NSR/EU-wide service list, while also working closely with Norfolk County Council to support the delivery of Work Package 5 – User Involvement, Profiling and Take-Up.

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