Outdoor Bluetooth-Terminal User Survey Successfully Completed

Bremerhaven, September 2011. The functionality of the ten outdoor info terminals equipped with bluetooth-technology were exemplarily tested at the central location „Hafeninsel“. From June to August 2011, 26 test persons participated in the questionnaire survey with their personal mobile phones. The participants were tourists and citizens of Bremerhaven.

New info terminals at Bremerhaven Bus Stops Installed and put into Operation

Info Terminal Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, August 2011. At the Steering Committee Meeting this May in Bremerhaven the Bluetooth and WLAN- activities, the components of the work packages from the Smart Cities project (WP3 and WP4) were visited and presented in the context of the entire touristic information system for Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven presents bluetooth infoterminals to international audience

Terminal Presentation SC Group.jpg

At the Steering Committee Meeting this May in Bremerhaven the WP3 Bluetooth and WP4 WLAN was presented in the context of the entire touristic information system for Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven prepares installation of WLAN Info-Terminals in bus stations


While the functionality tests are running in the background, in the „test-bed“ of the WLAN hardware delivered in December 2010 by the company Briteline from Bremen, there are quite other construction sites in respect to the „WLAN info-terminals“.

Bremerhaven asks citizens opinion on info-terminals

110324_Questionnaire Bluetooth.jpg

Now that in ten locations the outdoor-info-terminals have been equipped with bluetooth-technology, BIS Bremerhaven will begin with the user survey resp. the testing of the terminal architecture, the contents and especially the handling of the bluetooth services at the centrally located terminal location „Hafeninsel“. It is important that the test persons use their personal mobile phones.

Understanding e-government in Bremerhaven

Arial view at night, Bremerhaven (DE)

The local e-government environment varies tremendously across the North Sea Region of the EU, with municipal strategies being shaped by very different national, regional and local policy contexts and political and technological agendas. This report summarises the e-government context in Bremerhaven, based on interviews with staff from the city, and identifies factors that they feel shape their local e-government context and their involvement in the Smart Cities project.

Bluetooth Terminals

Location of Bluetooth Terminals in Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, Januar 2011. All locations for the ten outdoor-info-terminals have been decided upon. The first Info-terminal to be equipped with the bluetooth technology was the „Hafeninsel“ terminal.

E-Services Travel with the Bus to Citizens and Tourists

WLAN-System for Data Transfer

Even more information for citizens and tourists, prompt, current and available directly there where necessary. Already in 2008 the concept was formulated to reach even more citizens and tourists of all social ranks and age groups and also to reach remote regions.

Installation of Bluetooth Hardware in Bremerhaven

Bluetooth box

After reviewing the locations for the simultaneous connection of the PC and bluetooth box to the internet, it was discovered that additional hardware elements are necessary for the Installation of the bluetooth hardware into the outdoor info terminals.

Bremerhaven creates geobased content for bluetooth services

Backend / Upload-Center Bluetooth-Services

After the implementation, completion and testing of the process chain of the bluetooth services, from data uploads to bluetooth downloads, all info-terminals were able to be equipped with individual information.

Web based administration

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