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Outdoor Bluetooth-Terminal User Survey Successfully Completed

Bremerhaven, September 2011. The functionality of the ten outdoor info terminals equipped with bluetooth-technology were exemplarily tested at the central location „Hafeninsel“. From June to August 2011, 26 test persons participated in the questionnaire survey with their personal mobile phones. The participants were tourists and citizens of Bremerhaven.

Improving Business Processes and Delivering Better E-Services - A guide from Smart Cities


Do you know your business and e-service solutions? Is your IT aligned with your business to support, enable and deliver your services? Your business processes define your ability and potential to provide customers and employees with effective and high quality services and solutions. Your processes influence your performance, your service delivery and what administrative support is available for your service offerings.

This document outlines a model, or framework, which can help you to improve your existing business processes to support and develop your e-services. The Common Process Model comprises a set of preconditions, directives, guidelines and templates that will help employees in different roles to identify, measure and improve the performance of the business processes that make up your e-service solutions.

Creating Municipal ICT Architectures - A reference guide from Smart Cities


E-government operations require citizens and external organisations to receive appropriate e-services, delivered by an organisation’s automated business processes and supported by information and communication technologies (ICT). This area of service management can be reinforced and strengthened, however, by using architectures: business architectures, information systems architectures, technology architectures and the processes used to produce them.

Creating Customer Contact Centres Guide launched


Across Europe municipalities are facing a wide range of challenges as businesses and citizens demand better, more efficient and more flexible services. Municipalities are working hard to become more customer-driven, and to change how they deliver services to respond better to their customers’ demands.

Bremerhaven presents bluetooth infoterminals to international audience

Terminal Presentation SC Group.jpg

At the Steering Committee Meeting this May in Bremerhaven the WP3 Bluetooth and WP4 WLAN was presented in the context of the entire touristic information system for Bremerhaven.

Smart Cities report - What is a service list?

Brief 14b fig4 Medium.jpg

This brief report introduces the concept of a 'service list'. A Service list provides a catalogue of the services that are delivered by an organisation. It is sometimes referred to as a Service Catalogue or a Product Catalogue. A Service defines what is delivered by one organisation, department or individual to another.

Kortrijk Region releases Company Guide


Research showed that anno 2011 almost half of SME companies still don’t have a website, thus missing an informative communication platform towards customers. Leiedal and the Kortrijk Region now offer each company a free webpage on the site of their municipality.

City of Karlstad releases “My pages”

karlstad my page.jpg

The City of Karlstad is constantly working to provide citizens with better service through various media. One way is to offer e-services that can be used for faster and clearer handling of various cases. "My pages" gather all our e-services in various areas and make it easy to find just the services you can use for your particular case.

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