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Smart Cities tools for better public services across Europe

Understand the types of people that live across the EU, their preferences and their likely demand for public services. See how your area compares with others. (Made by ESD - Porism (UK) )


Smart Cities Launches European LG Service List

European Service and Function Lists produced by the Smart Cities project were launched and demonstrated at the project's Conference in Brussels on 14 September 2011 as part of the website.

Using customer profiling and activity based costing for channel shift

Example decision tree workflow

This report shows how cities can use customer profiling and activity based costing methods to better understand their customers, to successfully market to those customers, and to generate efficiencies by fully understanding the costs of service delivery.

A guide to Customer Journey Mapping


Public services need to adapt to the needs of their customers, the citizens. Often new e-services are technology-initiated, but the Smart Cities approach starts with the user. This guide provides an introduction to the customer journey mapping (CJM) process, and explains how CJM fits into both customer insight and business process improvement approaches. It provides practical guidelines on how to make the most of CJM.

Bremerhaven asks citizens opinion on info-terminals

110324_Questionnaire Bluetooth.jpg

Now that in ten locations the outdoor-info-terminals have been equipped with bluetooth-technology, BIS Bremerhaven will begin with the user survey resp. the testing of the terminal architecture, the contents and especially the handling of the bluetooth services at the centrally located terminal location „Hafeninsel“. It is important that the test persons use their personal mobile phones.

Smart Cities project presents service development methodology at Council of European Municipalities and Regions


The Smart Cities project is invited by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions to present the methodologies and cases developed during the past months. The council is interested in the experiences of the Smart Cities partners and the cases of service development, the work on Customer Insight, the EU service list and the Customer Contact Contres.

Geographic information systems are leading the way for “Smart Cities“

Geographical interactions of partners, January 2009

On January 18th and 19th 2011 the international R&D project Smart Cities is holding an Academy regarding the application of geographic information systems (GIS) to support administrative processes in future-oriented public administrations.

Customer Insight Guide key tool for local authorities


Do you understand your customers? Your citizens? The communities you’re trying to help? Customer Insight - working to use data and evidence to better understand citizens and communities - is a key tool for municipalities to use if they want to deliver better, more targeted and more effective services to communities and citizens.

Customer insight on local government agenda

customer insight conference cambridge.jpg

Customer insight needs to be on the agenda of local government. This is what speakers and attendees of the Customer Insight Conference said in Cambridge past week. About 100 local government officials attended the conference in the Moller Centre in Cambridge. The conference was organised by Smart Cities and Norfolk County Council.

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