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New info terminals at Bremerhaven Bus Stops Installed and put into Operation

Info Terminal Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, August 2011. At the Steering Committee Meeting this May in Bremerhaven the Bluetooth and WLAN- activities, the components of the work packages from the Smart Cities project (WP3 and WP4) were visited and presented in the context of the entire touristic information system for Bremerhaven.

Wifi for Entrepreneurs - Business park Eemspoort: First city-district with wireless internet


Eemspoort has a first for Groningen: This business park is the first city-district with wireless internet. Since a few days the Wifi-system is on air, thanks to an antenna on the roof of network expert Mediacaster, itself located at Eemspoort.

The future of mobile in Kortrijk region

workshop the future of mobile.jpg

Mobile services are the future for providing real time and geobased services. This is one of the conclusions of the event “The future of mobile”, organized by the NSR-projects Smart Cities and E-CLIC in Kortrijk, on May 10th, 2011 in “The Studios”.

Bremerhaven prepares installation of WLAN Info-Terminals in bus stations


While the functionality tests are running in the background, in the „test-bed“ of the WLAN hardware delivered in December 2010 by the company Briteline from Bremen, there are quite other construction sites in respect to the „WLAN info-terminals“.

Workshop business models for wireless services: the report


The 24th and 25th of March 2011 a lively workshop on the businessmodels for Wireless services was held in Groningen. The main goal was to determine the drivers and pitfalls for a successful and sustainable wireless city.

Developing the business cases for wireless cities - a Smart Cities workshop


Smart Cities project partners, technologists, planners and municipal representatives from across the North Sea Region are meeting in Groningen today and tomorrow to discuss different approaches to developing wireless services and the business cases that are necessary to make these solutions work.

Workshop Business cases for Wireless Services


Many cities are planning to implement a WIFI network. During this workshop from Smart Cities, we will highlight a few cases and try to extract the success and fail factors that are driving the business case for wireless netwoorks in urban areas. New developments and business opportunities will be discussed.

Smart Cities Pilot - Creating a mobile version of a municipal website - Leiedal

Web statistics show that there are a growing number of people visiting the municipal websites in the Kortrijk region using mobile devices, which have limited screen sizes. A mobile web interface will be developed for a tourist website that will be developed for the 50th anniversary of Leiedal.


In January 2009, Leiedal and the municipalities of the Kortrijk region launched their fourth
generation of municipal websites. Technological and content based cooperation has lead to a
web platform that allow municipalities easily to inform people, let them do transactions and
where information, products and transactions can be related to the situation of the individual

Pilot information: 

The pilot will identify a drupal module that is able to convert the municipal website to a 'lighter' and more
mobile usable version, it will identify what kinds of information and services are needed for a mobile-targeted municipal website, and disseminate findings and produce a guide for municipalities developing mobile web sites.

Background to the pilot: 

While the use of municipal websites by mobile devices is increasing (according to their web statistics), the actual websites are not ready for mobile browsing. These devices do not always show the websites as expected due to their limited screen size. Therefore a mobile web interface has to be developed.

Business case: 

The pilot will result in a better user experience for mobile-based web browsers. This approach is consistent with the region's multi-channel approach to information provision/service delivery, and will lead to a better understanding and of the requirements for developing web services for mobile applications.

E-Services Travel with the Bus to Citizens and Tourists

WLAN-System for Data Transfer

Even more information for citizens and tourists, prompt, current and available directly there where necessary. Already in 2008 the concept was formulated to reach even more citizens and tourists of all social ranks and age groups and also to reach remote regions.

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