DANS cluster kick-off conference “Implementing the Digital Agenda in the North Sea Region"

The aim of the DANS Cluster Kick-off conference is to bring the Digital Agenda for Europe to a more regional level and to show how activities and projects implemented in the frame of the Interreg North Sea Region Programme can contribute to it. Major results as well as some good practices from the Interreg IVB NSR projects “Creative City Challenge”, “Smart Cities” and “E-CLIC” will be presented and will showcase the “northern” way of implementing the Digital Agenda.

“Implementing the Digital Agenda in the North Sea Region – good practices, challenges and opportunities”

For further information please contact:

Länsstyrelsen Värmland
Att: Katarina Nordmark
Karlstad 651 86
Fax: + 46 54 197300
E-mail: katarina.nordmark@lansstyrelsen.se

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