Digital information screens in the streets of Kortrijk


Since the beginning of the month of January 2011, digital information screens have been installed in the town centres of Heule, Marke, Rollegem, Bellegem and at Overleie. The town centres of Bissegem, Aalbeke and Kooigem will follow later. The digital screens supply, for the greater part, local information on all sorts of cultural events in the community centres. Other local information is also provided.

Other events of the adjoining municipalities or of the main city can be shown on these screens. The local city workers who work in collaboration with the local communication team are responsible for the content.

Colour screens

The screens are new because they use colour screens like the ones used in a ledwall. Still pictures and moving pictures can be shown. The information screens are interconnected and can be controlled from a distance. They are part of a greater network of information screens, some 30 of them, which have e.g. been installed in sports centres,… The screens are also intended to partly replace the advertising (paper) posters.

Elaborate chain of consultation

Before installing the screens, all local associations and responsible persons involved in the community centres were consulted.
The final installation only took place after having obtained a favourable advice from the police for each location and also from the administration “Ruimte en Erfgoed” (protection of monuments and national heritage) which, where necessary, gave its approval.


- Heule: Pastoriestraat near the “Oud Gemeentehuis”
- Marke: Markeplaats, on the side of the Marktstraat

- Rollegem: at the corner of the Rollegemkerkstraat -Tombroekstraat near the community centre

- Bellegem: Bellegemplaats, at the side of the church near the Kwabrugstraat

- Kortrijk: Overleie, Sint-Amandsplein, near the Overleiestraat.

The digital informations screen project is based on experiences and resources from the "Smart Cities” project.