The Smart Cities project is creating an innovation network between cities and academic partners to develop and deliver better e-services to citizens and businesses in the North Sea Region.

Steering Committee Groningen defines planning and timing final year


The Smart Cities project is entering the last year of the project. On the steering committee in Groningen, the partners defined a timing for the last year of the project.

E-Services Travel with the Bus to Citizens and Tourists

WLAN-System for Data Transfer

Even more information for citizens and tourists, prompt, current and available directly there where necessary. Already in 2008 the concept was formulated to reach even more citizens and tourists of all social ranks and age groups and also to reach remote regions.

MyPage demonstration in Flemish Parliament


Leiedal and the City of Kortrijk will demonstrate MyPage in the Flemish Parliament during the technology festival E-Dinges. This event shows how the information society will look like in the coming years. Leiedal developed a demonstration website MijnGemeente - MyMunicipality - and a movie for E-Dinges.

Getting cities on track - a Guardian round table discussion

Guardian logo

In October the Smart Cities project joined other urban development experts and city managers from the UK to participate in a round table discussion, organised by the Guardian newspaper and IBM, on 'Getting cities on track'.

Installation of Bluetooth Hardware in Bremerhaven

Bluetooth box

After reviewing the locations for the simultaneous connection of the PC and bluetooth box to the internet, it was discovered that additional hardware elements are necessary for the Installation of the bluetooth hardware into the outdoor info terminals.

Theoretical perspectives on Smart Cities presented at Triple Helix conference

At the 8th Triple Helix conference in Madrid last week, Mark Deakin presented "The Triple Helix and Evolution of Smart Cities under the CulturalReconstruction and Governance of the Urban Renaissance" which he co-authored with Loet Leydesdorff.


EU Service list maps services


Porism presented the draft EU service list on the Customer Insight Conference. Service lists of the different Smart Cities partner countries have been mapped over the past months, providing a common tool for sharing information and knowledge on services.

Customer Insight Guide key tool for local authorities


Do you understand your customers? Your citizens? The communities you’re trying to help? Customer Insight - working to use data and evidence to better understand citizens and communities - is a key tool for municipalities to use if they want to deliver better, more targeted and more effective services to communities and citizens.

Customer insight on local government agenda

customer insight conference cambridge.jpg

Customer insight needs to be on the agenda of local government. This is what speakers and attendees of the Customer Insight Conference said in Cambridge past week. About 100 local government officials attended the conference in the Moller Centre in Cambridge. The conference was organised by Smart Cities and Norfolk County Council.

Creating the Citadel Statement


Smart Cities contributed to a workshop at the SOCITM conference in Brighton that brought together e-government experts from across Europe to discuss how local e-government could get better support from national and EU authorities.

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