Outdoor Bluetooth-Terminal User Survey Successfully Completed

Bremerhaven, September 2011. The functionality of the ten outdoor info terminals equipped with bluetooth-technology were exemplarily tested at the central location „Hafeninsel“. From June to August 2011, 26 test persons participated in the questionnaire survey with their personal mobile phones. The participants were tourists and citizens of Bremerhaven. Two thirds of the participants were women, approx. three quarters were between 18 and 45 years old.

The four survey areas focused on
1. Navigation and orientation on the start page of the info terminals
2. Information and text design of the info terminal pages
3. Various e-service offers
4. Bluetooth services in respect to technology and offer

The detailed results to the areas navigation, orientation, information as well as text design showed that, generally at least 50 percent of the respondents managed very well and a further 30 percent predominantly well and were able to move between sites without problems. Especially satisfactory were the positive evaluations of the design and the use of pictograms. Overall, the information on the start page was evaluated by more than 90 percent as useful and practical. The only aspect which was criticized was that the contrast was too weak and the reflections annoying under certain lighting conditions.

The offered e-services such as event calendar, booking possibilities or route planer were evaluted as good by more than 80 percent. The same holds true for layout and application.

The main interest of the respondents focused on the handling of the bluetooth function, and download behavior of the offered information. The biggest problem was, that the respondents did not know how to use the bluetooth function on their personal mobile phone. In total only 70 percent of the respondents said that they regularly use bluetooth with their other devices such as notebooks etc. Field tests have shown, that there are manufacturer restrictions in numerous smartphone models, which limit data transmission possibilities. In addition the volume of the data packages to be transmitted and the time frame is also limited. The data volume of the existing bluetooth offers are now being compressed and adjusted so that they can be downloaded onto all common mobile and smart phones without problems in the future. 80 percent of the respondents evaluated the bluetooth offers as informative and helpful. Such offers will gladly be used in the future.

The heatmap-analysis for the bluetooth terminals showed, that the start page was differently used depending on the terminal location. Functions including the e-services, and bluetooth downloads were mainly found quickly and applied. On the other hand the analysis also showed, that the photos and their links on the start pages were not always immediately recognized as a further information source and with this were not clicked on.

The use of bluetooth supported offers and information in an municipal environment is still very new, even though most mobile phones have already been equipped with this feature for many years. New offers are faced with the inexperience of the mobile phone owners and users. In addition, there are no universal standards for bluetooth downloads onto smartphones. Furthermore, at the moment only small data volumes in a limited time span can be transmitted.

The project is a prototype for bluetooth based offers for institutions, organizations and companies in a regional, national and international context. Bluetooth outdoor info terminals offer modern information technology. For example this means, location based contents, more and extended services around the clock, information in text, sound and picture format as well as reduced staff costs for the providers.

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