Smart Cities Launches European LG Service List

European Service and Function Lists produced by the Smart Cities project were launched and demonstrated at the project's Conference in Brussels on 14 September 2011 as part of the website.

EU level resources from the Smart Cities project are:
• Standards home page:
• Service List, of which national service lists form subsets:
• Function List grouping services:
• What is a Service List briefing document:
• Ten reasons to use a Service List document:

UK resources from esd-toolkit in the UK, supported by Smart Cities, include:
• Standards home page:
• Interactive Local Government Business Model diagram showing the full suite of lists published in the UK:
• Process list showing common processes which are combined to deliver services:
• Service processes page which makes an initial attempt to show which processes are involved in delivering each service: (pages from here require a login)
UK service lists support links from national citizen and business portals.

Lists conform with W3C Linked Data standards as adopted by

Help and further information is provided via