Workshop wireless services - Groningen

Feb 2 2010 - 01:00
Feb 2 2010 - 18:00

Workshop wireless services - Groningen


09:00 - 09:20: Welcome, introduction and warming up for our brains

09:20 - 10:20: Part I: workshop on citizen services, facilitated by Carline de Boer

10:20 - 10:30: coffeebreak, check your mail and sms!

10:30 - 11:30: Part II: workshop on services for tourism and leisure (facilitation by the Hanze University)

11:30 - 12:00: Feedback and committing to the outcome of part I and II

12:00 - 13:00: lunch

13:00 - 14:00: Part III: workshop on services for mobile workforce (facilitator not known yet)

14:00 - 15:00: Part IV: Workshop on (public)transport, traffic and mobility (facilitated by Jan Kees)

15:00 - 15:15: tea/coffeebreak

15:15 - 17:00: plenty of time for feedback, committing to the
outcome of the workshops, agree SCRAN workplan for WP4, questions and
setting goals for a next meeting.

17:30- 19:00: We leave (by car) from the hotel for a cultural trip to the Wall House # 2. Our guide will be Carline de Boer, who is a volunteer at this very unusual building!

From 19:00: dinner

Expected outputs

* Define pilots in the partner cities in these domains
o Citizen services: traditional government gone mobile (services, transactions, contact addresses,…)
o Tourism, leisure: visitor information and offers (if possible time, information and interest based)
o Mobile workforce (= municipal workers)
o Traffic, transport and mobility
* Work plan for transnational development of pilots which will be implemented in some of the partner cities
* Agree academic workplan to support WP4 for 2010/11

The results can be used for the PID's for the WP4 pilots.
Practical information

Groningen is reachable from Amsterdam Schiphol airport by train (at least every hour, a 2,5 hour trip, see the national railway website, also online sales [1] and from Bremen airport by bus (see publicexpress, also online sales [2]).

In our city there is an excellent local bussystem, you can buy tickets in the bus. The hotels below are reachable by bus from the central railwaystation, or you might walk.

For those arriving by car several parkings are nearby: Casino and Rademarkt are the nearest parking garages. Parking outside the centre in one of the Park and ride parkings considerably cheaper. See also [3] and [4]

Location of workshop

The workshop will be held at 'het Kasteel' [5](The Castle), a former researchlab of the university, within walking distance of the hotel(s) and innercity. The adres is: Melkweg 1, 9718 EP Groningen. Tel: 050-3688434, Fax: 050-3688498. A parking garage (Westerhaven ) is nearby, the location is excellently reachable by bus: Line 3 (Vinkhuizen) or line 15 (Zernike), ask the driver to stop at the Kasteel.


Eden City Hotel Groningen [6] would be the preferred place to stay: in the city centre, with decent rooms in the €70-80 range. If full, the Martini Hotel is also nearby, somewhat simpeler, but adequate.

Please let us know if you have special dietary requests. Both carnivorian and vegetarian food will be offered.

citizen services

* report a problem in public space:
o I, citizen of Groningen, am walking in the Folkingestraat. To my utter dismay, I see a vandalized lamppole. I want to contact the responsible public service, in order to alert them, and I want to be sure the problem has been fixed after some time.
o I am not willing to pay, other than communicationcosts, but the municipality is responsible and should pay the system
o this type of problem will happen 10-30 times a day
o Our responsible service is ‘Stadsbeheer’, the manager of the Inner City

* reserve a timeslot at cityhall-
o I want to renew my passport or driving-license. Knowing that there is always a queue at cityhall, I want reserve a timeslot, and get an 10 min and 5 min warning for my slot, so I can shop around at the departmentstore next door and then jump the queue
o I will be willing to pay a minimal fee for jumping the queue, say €0,50, enough to cover communication-costs
o This will happen 50 times a day
o The person responsible is Renske!

* library alert
o alert if your book should be returned by a certain date
o alert if a reserved book is ready to be lend
o alert based on preferences, eg all new books on 'mountains' in a weekly digest

* waste pickup alert
o people get a sms / e-mail when waste will be picked up in their street
o this requires geobased information

Tourism and leisure

* Festivals-
o There are several large festivals in town: eurosonic (a indoor popfestival), Noorderzon (an outdoor theather festival). As a visitor I want to be able to see upcoming performances, buy a ticket, and get directions, while on the move in town. I do not want to join long queus at ticketoffices
o I am willing to pay a slight premium
o This will happen several hundreds of times a day, during the festivals
o The festivalmanagement is responsible for ticketing, but sharing a system would be nice!

* Internetaccess for (congressional) visitors--Kleuver 12:21, 7 January 2010 (UTC)
o Many visitors, especially those that stay more than one day, want to have internetaccess, so they can email etc.
o Willingness to pay varies between different visitorgroups, but is mostly slight: a few euro’s per day max.
o Several hundreds of visitors per week, at larger conventions up to several thousands
o Nobody is really responsible, but Marketing Groningen (our Tourist Information) might take lead

* Virtual tours-
o When walking around in Groningen, I’d like to have a ‘virtual tourguide’with me, that shows me places of interest, history, possibilities for funshopping etc.
o I don’t want to spend very much on that, say just 3-4 euro’s
o A dozen of tours per day?
o Nobody is really responsible, but Marketing Groningen (our Tourist Information) might take lead

* Last minute tickets -
o I am interested in buying tickets with discounted prices, and i would like to be alerted half a day before
o people normally wait till late before a concert to decide whether they go or not
o half empty concert halls mean loss of money for organisers

* Regional tour guide
o For 'Leiedal 50' we want to create a tour in the region. OR people get attended at a spot that if they visit a page/phone a number there is an interesting story to hear on that place. OR people go to the Leiedal 50-website where they can download the tour-map and the audioguide, and with this information they can follow a track with pre-downloaded information.
o This set of tools can be offered to municipal tourist offices. It requires geo-coded information, audio- and video streaming or downloads and a mobile interface.

* Electronic resources in public libraries
o Want to access online reference materials (including the library catalogue) flexibly throughout all areas of a municipal library. Libraries often have restricted space and can't offer public computers and terminals in all areas. Libraries may also be 'listed' buildings which can't accommodate structured cabling.
o Not willing to pay (public library resources usually free for members)
o 100s of times a day
o Libraries service / Culture dept
o SHOULD-have

Mobile workforce

* my building- and fire-inspector will need access to the permittingsystem, and to buildingplans, this will save a lot of work and money, the building dept is responsible.
* The maintainance-crews of parks etc. will need workorders and access to maps etc. Better efficiency, so a money saver for the citymanagement dept.
* The social services visit clients at their homes. They’ll need access to al related files and systems. Also a moneysaver and a quality enhancer
* The firebrigade needs access to buildingplans, and constructionplans of cars. A lifesaver, so money is less of an issue

* municipal engineers/inspectors/builders/joiners who maintain Council-owned properties and social housing (e.g. for low-income families) need to have real-time knowledge of active/scheduled jobs to allow more efficient working (money-saver), and to respond to emergency situations. SHOULD-have
* municipal administrative staff need to be able to work flexibly at different Council offices, to allow rationalisation of Council offices (closures will save money) and to provide more options for contingency planning for localised disasters. MUST-have

(Public) transport, traffic and mobility

* Public transport realtime routeplanner--Kleuver 12:22, 7 January 2010 (UTC)
o standing here and now, I want to get a Public Transport routeplanner, real time, with intructions how to get as quick as possible to my destination
o Though nobody is really responsible, it is a duty, derived from the Gothenburg agenda, for all European govt’s to promote public transport. In Groningen the OV-bureau (office for public transport) may take the lead.

* Parking Planner-
o Darn, no place to park! I’d love to get realtime info on my TomTom, leading me to a free, or even reserved parkingspace
o For a reserved parkingspace I am willing to pay, say a few euro. For a non-reserved space I am not willing to pay. Let my gov’t do that, they charge me big bucks for the right to park!
o 100’s of times a day
o Public: dept of parkingmanagement, private parking by a.o. Q-Park

* Blue light, green light-
o as a driver of a blue-light vehicle (ambulance, firetruck, policecar), I need to get there asap. In the Netherlands our ata is monitored and regulated, I need to be there within 11mins after the call, but I want to get there even sooner. I want evert trafficlight in my direction to turn green, minutes before I pass there, so traffic has been cleared and I can go on without delay.
o every minute costs lives, for a proofable shorter time to arrival money can be found, at least to clear the main routes
o this happens dozens of times a day
o the traffic dept and the bluelight community should take responsibility, the mayor is responsible for all emergency responses

* Real time micro traffic info-
o great, I’ve got a Tom Tom with TMC, but I always end up in the trafficjam, which either is to small for TMC, or to recent. I want realtime information on traffic, for all roads, even local roads, so my TomTom plans a real route and and a realistic ata
o I am not willing to pay, but I am willing to share my own traffic info
o Hundreds of times a day
o Nobody’s responsible, but everybody feels the need!

* Public transport tracking -
o Standing between bus/tram stops (or at bus/tram stops without a tracking display), I want to know when the next bus/tram to x will arrive at the nearest stop.
o Not willing to pay unless a regular commuter
o 100s of times a day
o Transport dept
o COULD-have

* Traffic management -
o Transport dept want to control traffic signals and receive data from signals/sensors across ths city in real-time using a single system/network which can easily be expanded (e.g. currently just using standard phone lines for crude traffic signal control).
o Willing to pay for long-term savings and greater functionality
o Constantly throughout the day
o Transport dept
o SHOULD-have